Monday, August 27, 2012

"Office" Reveal at Lake Home

The desk area at the lake home is an area in the kitchen/dining area.  This room is multi-functional.  Not only is it the kitchen, but the eating area, the laundry area, and the "office" area.  The home is only 1100+ square feet, and every foot is put to good use.

The desk area has a set of cabinets above it where seldom used items are stored.  The cabinet doors have leaded glass.

The desk organizer was purchased at a consignment shop.  I've used it to hold books, magazines, as a planter to hold several pots, etc.  I thought why not use it here.  I've laid it on it's side in an attempt to hide the cords required for the internet, phone, and tv services.  The box with the flowers is an attempt at hiding the bulky plug adapter.  

Here I stenciled our street address in aqua onto burlap, covered the back of the frame with contact paper left over from my bookshelf project, and framed it to hang above the desk.  (No cost project)

This is a closeup of the lamp base.  The lamp was a ten dollar purchase at a nearby discount store.

I like the design above which is a closeup of the box hiding the plug-in.

This picture hangs above the desk.   

Well, there's our "office" at the lake.   I'd like to say that is where I blog, but not so!  I sit on the comfy love seat with my feet propped up and type away.  :)

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