Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Tiny Red Tool Box

Warning: A wordy post, but I think you'll get a kick out of it.

We were at the lake house for a few days, and as I often do, I went rambling in the garden sheds out back.  I noticed a small red tool box sitting alongside two larger ones on a shelf.  I peeped inside and saw that it was extremely rusty, and held only an old ballpein hammer, and some type of tool with what looked like a hooked knife on one end.

I thought about the little tool box a day or so, and asked the hubby if he knew it was in the shed.  He said that he did, and that it had belonged to his uncle who passed away a number of years ago.  He had lived with my MIL the last few years of his life, and they had been so good for each other.  They were both alone, so when he needed someone, my husband and his brother discussed him moving in with their mother, and she gladly agreed.  Those two got into lots of mischief!  They were already in their 80's, but they worked in the yards and house and everything just blossomed under their care.  A 90 mile drive (to the nearest large town), would take them all day.  They had an old pickup truck that they drove, and my husband said that they would have it loaded down with stuff.  They would take turns driving.  I can just see them barely moving down those long straight roads in the farm land of South Georgia.  My husband said that his Uncle, who they called "Boy" would tell my MIL, "Buckle up, we're 'fixin' to fly!" as he "took off" down the road. They never drove over 45 mph.  Oh, don't you know people hated getting behind them?  

Anyway, back to the little tool box.  I asked the hubby to bring the little tool box in that I wanted to decorate it.  He kinda curled up his nose, but he brought it in anyway, after he gave it a "good cleaning" and let it dry outside a while.  He also brought in the old hammer, but didn't bring in the other tool.  (I'll correct that the next time we're there).  :)  

The rusty interior still has its yellow price sticker inside the lid. $2.88.

I placed some shelf liner on the inside, to cover some of the rust.  You can see the edge of the old ballpein hammer peeking out of the right side of the box.   In hindsight, I should have laid it in front of the box to photograph it.  The glass piece is a large, heavy vintage ash tray.  I also added his uncle's old pipes and tobacco jar to the vignette.  The old cardboard picture is my husband when he was a baby.  (He still has the same hair style).  Lol!

Old pieces such as these have so much character.  Uncle Boy would be proud that we have given his humble items a place of honor. 

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