Thursday, September 6, 2012

Autumn Simplicity

I've tried not to over do the decor this year.  In the living room, I just added a few items to announce the coming of Fall.

I simply paired the pheasant picture with its lovely colors with this pottery from my daughter.  

The small terra cotta pot below is a regular little flower pot to which I added rub-on decals many years ago. I simply added a twig pumpkin which fit perfectly.

A simple orange berry ring was added to the lantern on the mantel. 

At each end of the mantel, I added these candles and pumpkins.

I simply wrapped a strip of burlap around the white candlesticks, and as you can see, I added these silky DT leaves on with a thumb tack, albeit white, to give a little color.

The coffee table simply holds this little bouquet of flowers in a crock jar wrapped with burlap sitting on a charger inside this basket that just got a makeover.

The bombe table has a simple little touch of fall as well.

You will never believe what this picture really is.  :)It's a potpourri envelope from Kirkland's a few years ago and the sunflower is just taped to the top of the frame. (one of my no cost ideas)
Simple yet colorful.

I really like the simplicity of the table top.

Oh, one other thing, hubby asked me to move the P&G basket of flowers to the hearth so we could see it better.  It was made by simply tucking some DT flowers inside.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit to my living room.  I'm loving the simplicity of it all!!

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