Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Decorating in the Dining Room

I have noticed a few leaves starting to change color, so that must mean I can dress my home in the rich colors of fall.  

I started decorating the dining room on Saturday afternoon, and have already tweaked it because I found a lovely new fall tablecloth.  I'll show you both options.  I am mostly using items I already had. 

At first I simply used two placemats from Pier 1 as a runner on the drop cloth table cloth.  I added a fall bouquet, leaf dish, and a wire pumpkin to the box. I used two fabric pumpkins, a gold colored pedestal and some Kirkland's acorns and called it done.

As fate would have it, I found a rectangle shaped fall tablecloth at the consignment shop yesterday.  Here is how it looks with the tablecloth instead of the placemat runner.

Again, I just laid this cloth on top of the drop cloth, since it was not quite long enough to use without it. I also removed the label from the front of the wooden box.

Close up of the design.  It is a silky fabric, but I could not find a label on it.  I gave a little more than usual for it at $9.99, but I really wanted it and knew it would work.

I autumnized (new word) a few other nooks in the dining room like this area where I propped the old bi-fold door.  My burlap wreath had to get a fall face lift by simply switching the pink rosette for this autumn pick.

I've seen burlap wreaths smaller than this one I made, with only one accessory on them for $30.00 at some of the shops.  I have less than $6.00 in everything.  

Since this little nook is to the right of the front door, I hung it on the bi-fold door below the wreath.

Of course the table sitting in this nook needed to be autumnized too.  Here is it all dressed up.

Here is a picture showing the entire nook.

The shelf in this little corner got a makeover too.

This basket is a $2.00 yard sale find, the pumpkins inside the basket were $1.00 each at Dollar Tree a couple of years ago, and the two pumpkins outside the basket are candles from a consignment shop.  I believe I gave a dollar for both. 

This cloche displays thrifty items.

This fleur de lis plate and wine box sit on top of the shelf unit.
That's all for the dining room.  I will share other rooms in the next few days.  
Thanks for taking time to visit. I hope you enjoyed sharing Shadymont's fallness.  

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