Market Basket

Finally....I made it to Hen's Nest, my fave consignment shop.  I bought several things, but I just have to show this to you right now.  I'll share the other items later.  I stopped by the Dollar Tree on my way home and grabbed some fall flowers, and quickly poked them into the basket.  I didn't even cut the little bushes apart.  I just spread the stems out and voila! I'll do it right soon, I was just too impatient to show you the basket.

Just look at this wonderful basket!!

Basket Cost: $8.99....whoo hoo!
Flowers: $1.00 per bunch x 7 = $7.00
Already had the burlap garland.

Does anyone know what the P&G stands for?  The shop owner thought that maybe it was a grocery store name and she doesn't think it's very old.  It has a handle, it's just covered with flowers.  Don't you love the way they did the letters on the front?  I don't care if it's vintage or not, it just has character, and I can think of may uses.


If anyone has a clue what the P&G stands for, please let me know!  
I'll be sharing some fall goodness this week, so be sure to come back by.

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