Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Bread Board Project

Do you ever just want a really simple little project to do?  Just something to let your creative juices get a little workout, without having to do a lot of work?  I do!  Even though you might think so, this wasn't it!

See this old bread board?

I bet the paint on this side of the board is lead paint, don't you?  That could explain a few things.  Just sayin'!

This thing has see better days and has the battle scars to prove it!  My husband had this when we married.  I don't know if it was originally his Mom's or what.  Even though I do love the patina, I decided a little makeover would just give me the quick project I was wanting......WRONG!

I knew I would paint it.  I used some left over paints and some Plaster of Paris and mixed up a white paint, with just a hint of gray.

At first I wanted to decorate it using a stencil I made from a graphic taken from the Graphics Fairy Blog.  

Beautiful graphic.  I sat here and used a utility knife to cut out all the colored areas. Oh yes I did.

Big problem!! The part at the bottom that is supposed to look like a bow, looks like a dang headless frog.  At least the way I cut it out did.  I painted it on anyway! (hilarious).  Next I painted over the headless frog. Then I tried it with the bee only.  Eck!!!  I'll spare you the trauma of seeing all the horrible stages. Soooooo, now this quick little project is taking some major time.  I took it back down to the basement and painted two more coats of paint on the whole thing and hung it up let it dry for about 36 hours.  

I had a couple of pieces of black and white scrapbook paper from Michael's that I had bought for about 59 cents each in my stash.  I cut out two of the design thingies and mod podged them on, slapped on some ASCP dark wax, hit it a couple of times with the palm sander, and called it done! Then I hung this masterpiece in the kitchen beside the pantry.  Oh yes I did!

I decided since it is a masterpiece, I'd just have myself a photo shoot with it!

Just look!

Well there you have it - a quick project.  Whatever!!
Moral of the story:  Once you get your 'stuff' together, and figure out what you want, you might just create a masterpiece!  (And I didn't have to spend a penny either since I already had everything). 

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