Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rustic Runners Revisited

I want to join in the fun at Funky Junk Interiors' themed party this week, so I'm gathering some photos of various runners I have made, to share with you.

Last November, I made the runner below by cutting  a strip from a drop cloth to the width and length I wanted for my dining room table.  I simply sewed a hem all the way around the strip of fabric, then cut burlap garland from a roll I bought at Michael's, and sewed it on each end, gathering it so it would ruffle.

This is last year's Fall table.

Here the runner is being used on the dresser in the master bedroom which it fits perfectly.

The runner below was made by simply cutting a piece of burlap fabric, and fringing the edges.  

Here is another one made the same way.

Join in the party at Funky Junk and show off your runners.

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