Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stenciled Burlap Pillow

I just have to share my no sew pillow project.  I had some burlap fabric in my fabric stash, and decided I would use it to cover a pillow.  First, I found an old pillow I no longer use.  I spread the burlap out on the floor and laid my pillow on it so I could cut the fabric big enough to cover it. 

I was so intent on the project, I didn't make any pictures of the process.
Once the burlap was cut, I folded in the sides about an inch, and glued it down with Tacky Glue, pressing it down several times with my fingers.  I did this all the way around the fabric, and laid it aside to dry over night.  The Tacky Glue dries clear.

My next step was to determine how I could lap the fabric over the cushion in an envelope fashion.  I had tried to get my computer to print out a graphic that would show up on the burlap, but printer problems interfered with that plan, so I found the center, and stenciled it with the tree stencil I bought at Michael's.  

The final step was to fasten the burlap around the pillow which I did by punching a small hole through all the layers, inserting jute twine through it every couple inches and tying it.

Here's how the back of the cover looks.

If I choose to, I can easily take this apart, press it, and have a table runner.

This was a fun project with no sewing required, even though that probably would have been less time consuming.  It fits in well with my fall decor.
I had everything used for this project, and didn't spend a penny!

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