Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn Cloches and Pumpkins

10/3/13:  I am linking this post from a year ago to  the linky party at Glitter, Glue & Paint, Throw back party!  This post was originally published on 10/12/12.  

All the cloches at my home are filled with pumpkins this year for the Fall Cloche Party at Marty's!

This is the largest cloche I have.  I found it at a consignment shop.  It is holding a small terra cotta pot with a birds nest and butterfly, and two pumpkins.  One reads "God Bless Our Home", and the other reads " Harvest Blessings".  

This cloche sits atop a plate stand I made, and holds a single white ceramic pumpkin.  

I like the understated elegance of this cloche arrangement. 

This wire cloche is a favorite of mine.  It gives the brown pumpkin a feeling of importance.  The green on the saucer makes the cloche look like it has aged outside.

I again placed a brown pumpkin inside this cloche.
They both sit on a shelf in the bookcase in the family room. I bought both of these at the same consignment shop.  I like the crackled look of this saucer.

Here they are, both in the same vignette on the bookcase.

The white pumpkins above are candles.  

A real pumpkin sits under the cloche below.

The dome has leaves etched on it, though they are hard to see in the photos.

I so love the shadows cast on the lace by the sun.

The pumpkins in the apothecary jar are from DT.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the pumpkins and cloches at Shadymont.

Fall Cloche Party going on at A Stroll Thru Life
Be sure to stop by!
Thanks once again Marty!!
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