Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creating Simple, Easy Fall Crafts

I'll be the first to admit that this first project took absolutely no skill or imagination.  I've noticed that everyone is making banners to use in their fall decor, so I decided to make one. 

First I cut a piece of jute twine, didn't even measure because I knew it could be cut   shorter.  I eyeballed and cut a pennant shaped piece from a brown paper grocery bag, then used it to cut three more pieces of the same size.  I then stenciled 
F A L L on it in orange paint and stapled the paper to the twine.  Here it is!  

Fall Banner
Cost $0

Here is a recap of my recent Fall projects.
None of these cost very much.  Only the pillow took over about five or ten minutes.
 burlap pillow
Cost $0

 burlap wreath
Cost approx $3.00 for wreath form

 fabric pumpkin
Cost, 1 roll of toilet tissue (had everything)

 pumpkin made from dryer vent hose
Cost $0

Stenciled burlap bag
Cost approximately $5 (bag, 3.99)

I made each of these fall crafts in just minutes, no patterns, no instructions, just simple and easy fun!

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