Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evening at Shadymont

I love the coziness of our home in the evenings.  After dark, everything takes on a warm glow.  

The glow of lamplight is so relaxing.

Today I switched out the bookcase I painted with ASCP and the little table I had in the corner with the old door.  It goes without saying that I moved the accessories all around.   Nothing's sacred.  What's here today is there tomorrow.

This is now in the powder room.  You may remember I found this table cloth for $2.00 at a yard sale.  I first showed it here.  It's vintage Wielander and easily sells for thirty to forty dollars, but I found one online priced at ninety dollars.  

This is my view from my favorite blogging spot.

I de-cluttered my bookcases a little.  All the family pictures are on the right side now, and only a couple of fabric pumpkins are added for a nod to fall.

This is my blogging spot. 

This is the view into the dining room from the family room.

Do you enjoy how your home looks in the evenings?

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