Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's Getaway to the Lake

I love fall at the lake house.  It's much cooler than in the summer time, and I don't spend the whole time inside with the air conditioning!  Our SW GA county borders both Alabama and Florida, and it can be so humid.  We drove down yesterday, and today I have the windows open, and there's a cool breeze blowing off the lake, and it's just wonderful.  I got out early this morning and decided to take a few pictures to show you.  

My husband came down a few weeks ago without me.  I stayed home to be available to carry my granddaughter to school and pick her up because my daughter had to be out of town.

While hubby was here alone, he decided to stain the porches.  He chose a cedar color that I am just loving!  The picture above is on the front porch, facing the lake.   Doesn't the floor look great!!

I really like the design of the wood on our porches. Our carpenter guys came up with it themselves, and did a fabulous job on it.  They had a guy who was about 23 years old who did all the brick work, and he did a great job too!  We had this work done some time back.

We plan to plant some hydrangeas on each side of the porch, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Our "guys" also designed the posts at the end of the stair railings.

Here's the view looking up from the road.  

We so love our little getaway!

My husband's father planted this bush years ago.  If anyone knows what it is called, I'd love to know. These red blooms come on several times a year.

The dogwood leaves have turned to a deep burgundy.  

The building in the background belongs to our neighbor and is used for storage.  

Lake Seminole
(across from our house)

Idyllic Autumn at Lake Seminole
Doesn't the tire swing bring back memories of lazy afternoons spent as a child?

Our full-time residence is in the NE Georgia mountains, and the leaves there are in full color but autumn has just reached our little home at Lake Seminole.

I'll be back with more pictures later!  

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