Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Changes

We returned from the lake house on Saturday, so I worked in the house some yesterday, and today.  Yesterday I dusted everything and today I did the floors changed the sheets, and washed the bath rugs.  I'll clean the bathrooms tomorrow.  As usual, when I clean, I move things around.  So here's the latest.

One of the plates I hung on Sunday fell during the night and broke, so I moved the newest plate to the bookcase.  I had bought the adhesive disks to hang the plates, but one of them came loose.  So.....there you go.  I'll go back to using the wire hangers, if I can find some.  

I moved the plant philodendron away from the entry way to the corner of the dining room.  It just seemed too crowded the other way.

I sat it on the old apple crate.

My consignment shop chair did sit here, but now it's in the opposite corner. (for now).

I might move it to the living room or office.

I moved this tray and arrangement to the bookcase too.

The top of the bombe table got changed to this.

I added the little fence, leaf plate, and the "vent hose" pumpkin.  

I placed a pumpkin and the burlap bag on the pie safe.

It just NEVER ends here!  My OCD gets worse every day!!
I really need help!!

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