Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember the Miracles

The message I heard this morning was one of profound truth, and I want to share the gist of it with you.  The Pastor spoke about those times when you have doubt.  Not doubt in God, but in yourself, or when you feel you can not hear what God is wanting you to do.  He said this is a time to REMEMBER.  Remember the times when God has worked a miracle in your life, when he has answered a prayer.  He wants us to remember things He has done in our lives and know that He never changes.  As the Pastor spoke, I thought of many times God has answered my prayers, when He worked miracles in my life.  

One time particularly, that popped into my mind was a time in the early eighties (when I was married to my first husband) when we had a long, severe drought.  Our well had gone dry. (We lived in the country, and did not have public water).  At the time neither of us was making a lot of money.  We had a company come and try to bore a new well.  They could not find water but we had to pay them for the "dry" hole.  We waited a while and tried again, with the same result.  Still no water! More money for another "dry" hole. Many of our neighbors were experiencing the same thing.

This was during a very trying time in my personal life as well.  We were having severe marital problems and my life was in turmoil.  My daughter and I were going to my sister's home, or to other family members homes to take baths. We would fill jugs with water and bring home to use to get by.  We were just miserable!!  I had prayed so hard for my life situation, and had also asked God that water would be found on our property. 

Finally we called a different company, BORROWED money to pay them, and had them drill a well. The morning they came, they asked where I wanted the well drilled.  I walked to a spot on the property and asked them to drill there.  I didn't realize that God was leading me to that particular spot.  I left them working and went to work myself.

On my lunch hour, I came home to see if they were having any luck.  At the moment I turned into my driveway, I saw water shooting above the tree tops!!  So high,  that I asked the driller if he was somehow causing the water to go so high.  He said "No, that's your water"!! We have hit a vein that would furnish your entire community. We have drilled 400 ft deep, water comes to within inches of the top of the well, and it is pumping at 30+ gallons per minute!"  Can you imagine my excitement!!  I asked if there was any way they could install the new pump and hook the water into the house before they left.  He said they wouldn't leave until I had water into my home again!    I had been without water for several months and with God's help, I had picked the best spot possible for our well!  

This may not seem like a miracle to some.  But believe me, it was one for me.  

If you are at a point in your life and feeling that God isn't hearing your prayers, REMEMBER back to times when He has worked mightily in your life, and realize He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.  He will answer in HIS time, and in HIS way... and the best way!

I hope your day is filled with God's Love and Grace!

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