Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time to Bring in the Plants


The weather channel is predicting very cold weather, maybe snow in the most northern counties of Georgia, due to Hurricane Sandy.  This is being called the storm of the century because it will join with a winter storm.   I brought the plants in from the screened porch today and placed all of them except one plant in the sun room.  The philodendron is so big it won't fit in the sun room, so I have it between the dining room and the front entry.

See how big this bad boy is!  It grew from a bulb I dug from a plant like it at work several years ago.  The leaves on my plant are twice as large as those on the plant at work, and much stronger.  I have really enjoyed this one.

These are not very big, so they're not a problem to place at all.  I put them in the sun room so they will get lots of light.

A friend at work brought me a tiny cutting of this plant too, and it has done extremely well.

I should re-pot these plants.  Maybe I'll do that in a few days.  They were given to me by my previous boss when I retired.

We'll see how this plant does.  

Have you brought your plants inside for the winter?


On the way home yesterday, we stopped at Hobby Lobby for me to pick up some disks to place on the back of plates to hang them from.

There was an antique store nearby, so I ran in for a few minutes.  I bought this plate for $3.00.

It isn't an antique, but I knew it would go pretty well with a plate I already had.  I have been wanting to hang something around the mirror behind hubby's chair, and had decided on plates.

Here is the plate I already had, bought at a consignment shop a long time ago.

Here they are hanging beside the mirror.

I like them with the mirror.

Oops, you can see my reflection in the mirror in this picture.

This grouping hangs on the wall to the right of the door from the breakfast nook, while the mirror and plates hang on the left of the door.

While in the antique store, I picked up this ribbon.  It was only $1.89.  I wish I had bought more.

I added pieces of the ribbon to various items in the living/breakfast area.

(Around the top of the lantern)

(on the plate stacker)

(around the top of the lamp in the sun room)

Here's my little "halloween jack-o-lantern".  That's as spooky as it gets here.  :)

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