Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas in the Entry ~ 2012

I have decorated the wall you are facing when coming in the front door in many ways.  Today I am sharing what I did for this year.  I don't "plan" how I'm going to decorate, I just start bringing out the decorations, and let my imagination do the rest.  That's probably why I move things around so much.  

I started out by draping a quilted wall hanging over my old table that sits here.  The quilt was a gift from my brother in law and his wife a number of years ago.

This wonderful nativity, a gift from my daughter and grandson is always great to use.  It is one piece, and is so heavy.  I just love having it out to enjoy.

I had two small wreaths I had not used, and part of a spool of this green and red mesh, so I quickly made not one wreath, but two, and hung them both above the table.


This topiary is probably 15 years old.   I like the way it looks with the picture of the little chapel.  If you remember, this frame was dark brown until it got ASCP Olde White, and some dark wax, and a little sanding.  This is one picture I've used for years in one room or another.  It's Home Interiors, and was a gift from my Sister-in-Law.

The tree ornament on the shelf is in the shape of a guitar.  It's been around for many years as well.  The shelf is made of resin, and is very light weight.  It is held up by velcro.

Here is a full shot of the entry wall, with a little glimpse into the family room.  I love how this all came together too!

Reds and greens.....Christmas colors at our house!!

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