Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Mantel 2012

Today I'm sharing my mantel for this year.  Simple!!  I generally use lighted garland, but this year I wanted to continue with the chippy gate I've used for Fall.  I already had everything I'm using, so this is not only a simple look, it didn't cost a penny!  

Sharing some of my snow folks.

Now, "the chippy gate":

The little planter section on the gate, allows for all kinds of goodies to be placed inside.

This sign from Dollar General happened to be the perfect width for the gate, and already had the twine to hang it with.  Worked out perfectly!

What do you think!  I think it works together well!

Simple uncluttered look.

You'll notice a Snow Man theme as I reveal more of my decor.  Not exactly planned, but I knew I wanted to use them, so I just played it by ear.

So that is this year's mantel and hearth.  Nothing new purchased, nothing spectacular, but just what I wanted!

Merry Christmas!

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