Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Classic White in the China Cabinet

I have often shown you my china cabinet, and its plethora of items stored within.  I decided to remove everything inside, clean it, and display my white dishes and only a few pieces of crystal.  I really like it so much better.

Before many of my angel collection was displayed inside.  You can see those in the first  photos.

I removed a complete set of china, several pieces of crystal, the angels, and other items.
Now it looks like this:

I love having fewer items inside.

This is a "pin" dish that Rose from Second Hand Rose (UK) sent me when I first started my blog.  It is one of my favorite treasures.

The bride and groom are from my best friend for my wedding in 2005.  It is a Nao.

Above is a favorite cake plate bought at consignment.

That's what I did today.  Did you do anything productive?  I will add some Christmas bling to the china cabinet in a week or so.  Be sure to check back.

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