Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dining Room ~ Christmas 2012

Do you remember the beautiful Festive Holly (Nikko/Japan) dinnerware I bought last year at the consignment sale I helped my daughter with?  I researched on, and they would have cost $419.50 if I'd bought them a piece at the time (doesn't include shipping).  I got all this for $19.50!!  Probably my best bargain EVAH!!  Not even a single chip!

Last year, I used gold chargers.  This year I'm using silver.  They are the only new item on this table, and were 98 cents each at Wal Mart.

I could hardly wait to get them out again this year. Aren't they pretty??

This table cloth was bought at the same consignment sale for $4 - $5.  I just draped it over the drop cloth table cloth on the table, since it's only 52" x 70".
A perfect cloth with the dishes, don't you think?

This pedestal was a KMart find a number of years ago for $5.00.  The green bowl was purchased at a consignment shop near our SW Georgia home.  The pine cones are some I picked up there last year.  These wood candlesticks show up everywhere.  They're old as well.

The green glasses are Anchor Hocking, and belonged to my MIL.  I really treasure these, and they too are perfect for this table!

The silver candle rings are from Good Will a couple of years ago.  The red napkins are from Wal Mart.  The white napkins were from a set of 12 that came with a table cloth that I purchased in the 80's at a pottery nearby.  Don't they look great with the dishware?

This stainless is from the consignment sale my daughter held.  I got 40 pieces for $10.00.  That was a fabulous bargain too.  They are very plain, but are nice and heavy.

This was the very first thing I did to decorate for Christmas.  I just couldn't wait to enjoy these fabulous finds!  This table was done very frugally, and I couldn't be happier with it!  It just sings Christmas!

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