Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Decor

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.  We've had a sad weekend.  My brother-in-law (from my first marriage), passed away, probably from a massive heart attack, just as my late husband did.  He was the last living male in their immediate family, all of them passing away in their forties or fifties.  So tragic.

Nothing takes my mind off of sadness more than puttering in my house, so this morning, I started changing things somewhat, to more of a Thanksgiving theme.  

I switched table cloths around, and took away quite a few items and stacked them to go back in storage.  

The first thing I did to bring in Thanksgiving was place this colorful "turkey" platter on an easel.  I love the colorful design.  I have a large white turkey platter, but just felt in the mood to display this one.

Doesn't it look festive?

It sits on the narrow cabinet in the dining room.  I also moved my "new-old" sewing machine drawer over to the cabinet and stood the black metal fence behind it all.  I might switch out the picture above the vignette, if I can decide what I want there.  

I think I will enjoy this platter.

As always, moving something causes a domino effect so here are other changes.

I simplified the center piece on the dining table.  

I just kind of pitched the acorns on the tray, and let them fall where they may.

I placed two DG turkeys I bought last year on the shelf of the bookcase.

I "lightened up" this bookcase by removing some of the orange items. 

I changed the table top vignette in the sun room on Friday.  The bottle holding the orange flowers and leaves is a salad dressing bottle.  I love how it looks.  

Here you can see the back yard through the windows.  Hubby had just cut it.  

It's hard to see, but the cloche holds a green finial.

I moved this wood box from the dining table into the kitchen.  It holds jars of beans and peas.

I love the rustic look.

Please visit these lovely blogs!  I promise you will be inspired.

Have a great week!!

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