Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Singing the Blues

The top of the hutch at the lake house holds some blue enamelware that I just love.  It belonged to my MIL.  I use a lot of the items that were hers.  This home is where hers was previously, so we kept many of her things.  There is a small boiler and a large dish pan in addition to these pieces.  They are in use right now.

I was thinking the other day that I'd like to have a pot rack to hang these from.  Maybe I'll find one that will work there.

I really like the design on these casserole dishes.  I love roosters, and the red, white, and blue colors are some of my favorites.

My husband's favorite color is blue, so he had already bought blue furniture before we married.  It is like new, so we kept it.  I'm glad blue is coming back in style. Below is the coffee table vignette.  I love the blue flowers, and the vase is one I found in an out building at the lake.

This cook book (above right) was published in 1986, and contains recipes by only one lady.  There are some fabulous ones in it, so this came back home with us.  Gotta try out some of them.

The blues carry on to the porch.

More blue in the kitchen. 

(Finally no blue)

This sits on the shelf above the refrigerator.  The hen is ceramic.  She is very old, and belonged to my MIL as well.
I bought the 2 plates at a consignment store here at the lake for a dollar each.

I think this makes a nice vignette.

Do you have the color blue in your home?

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