Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Use of Texture in Design

Texture is an important factor for interesting design.  It comes in many forms.  In the photo below, texture is plentiful.  This is a vignette in the foyer.  The picture is an old one from Home Interiors.  The frame was brown until I painted it with ASCP Olde White, and distressed it.  I also added some ASCP dark wax.

This photo better shows the texture added by distressing, and waxing the frame.

Another item with distinctive texture is the lampshade.  ($10.00/Wal Mart).
The shade has an embroidered design.

Texture is found on the candlesticks, and the ribbon tied around them.

Here I used the HDR feature in Picasa to accentuate the metal's texture.  

The cloth on the table is the scarf I purchased in women's clothing at Wal Mart for $5.00.  I have used it as a table runner, and now have it doubled and covering this  table.

This is the reverse side of the scarf.  

The resin shelf is held up by velcro.  It is very light weight.  The design on it blends well with the paisley print on the scarf, and is another textured item.

Have you noticed all the different textures you might have in one vignette?  It's interesting to take note of items you combine for a particular look.  I enjoy randomly putting items together for a pleasing look, then taking a closer look for what the items may have in common that makes them work together.

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