Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wooden Box Decorated for Christmas

You probably don't recall my post some time ago on this little wooden box.  It was hand made by a friend for my late husband to store his 8-track tapes in.  Now that tells you how old I am getting.  :)  Anyway, I ran across it some months ago cleaning out the basement, and saw it as an opportunity to paint and decorate.  I used ASCP Olde White, ASCP Dark Wax, and took it from a plain brown roughly made box, to one of my favorite treasures.  I added some french script paper inside the lid, and of course french labels from Graphics Fairy to the front, and it has held a place of prominence ever since.  

After making a table arrangement for the sun room, I used the left over DT flowers to decorate my sweet box for Christmas.  I just bunched the stems together that were left over, wrapped an old doily around them, put a small rubber band around it all, and plopped it in my box.  Here it is!!

Whatcha think?  
Cute or what?

I love it so!!

I don't know which I like best, the tape box, or my sewing drawer!!

Which is your favorite?

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