Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decorating the Breakfast Nook

I found the runner on the pie safe at a consignment shop.  I think I gave around four dollars for it. 

Now y'all know I change everything multiple times, so the top of the pie safe stayed this way for a day or so before it got Christmas decor added to the runner.  (below)

I dug out a silver tray, added some mica show, a little bird house, snowman, Santa, and 2 red pine cones.  Then I pulled out the Merry Christmas blocks and added them to the vignette.  I love the tall pencil Santas.

I have a sofa table that I use as a side board in the breakfast nook.  I pulled some items together for its top.

This runner is from Dollar General. The dishes on the rack are very very old, and full of crazing.  The ceramic snowman is a cookie jar, a gift from a former co-worker. The chenille snowman was handmade and given to me by my hair dresser. 

I just love the chenille snowman!!

Here's a vignette from the kitchen ~~ on top of the bread box..

I hope you are making progress with getting your Christmas decorating done.  

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