Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hustle and Bustle Slow Down

I'm happy to report that the Christmas shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, and I am ready to enjoy the rest of the season.  With the main part of the work done, I can now relax, and focus on the reason we celebrate this wondrous holiday, the greatest gift of all, Jesus. 

I do have a few little things to share that I haven't shown you yet.  Like this sweet little angel bunny.  This is hand made by a lady one county over from us.  I've had it several years, a gift from a sweet friend.  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

I edited this in PicMonkey, and added the snow.  I love using that program to edit, but I'm not so good at it.  It takes a really long time for the pictures to load for some reason.

Couldn't you just pinch those little cheeks?  And look at that sweet mouth.

I love this old vintage white bowl (below), that belonged to my MIL.  I added some ornaments to it, then included it in the vignette on the breakfast table.

I saw this quick craft on Savvy Seasons blog.  You buy these "spire" type ornaments at DT and hot glue them inside the glass candle holders, also from DT.  Very inexpensive decoration.  The only ornaments they had were gold, so I just spray painted mine red, since that was the color I wanted, and already had the paint.  If you make some, you will need to use quite a bit of glue.  I put it in the bottom, then all around the tip of the ornament so it would hold it in the position I wanted.  I think they are really cute.

This photo shows two of them on the dining room table.  The red works in well with the color scheme.

This photo shows the entire vignette on the breakfast table.

The sweet little reindeer below was given to me by a friend about 12 or more years ago.  Her husband made him from scrap wood, and she painted the sweet facial features on him.  I absolutely love this little fellow.

He's beginning to show a little wear, a few scuffs, but he's still a cutie!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite decorative items.  Please join with me at these great parties:

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