Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let It Snow **

I awoke this morning at around 4 AM.  UGH!!!  I got up, made some coffee, and started purusing blogs.  I love to do that when the house is quiet and I'm the only one up.  

I don't think I saw where anyone had done this, but I made a garland of burlap ribbon, and hung crocheted snowflakes, icecicles, silver snowflakes, crocheted angels, etc on it.  I tried it on the mantel, but didn't like it there.  I moved it to the doorway from the foyer into the dining room.

Most of these crocheted pieces were done by a previous co-worker's Mother.  She brought these in every year at Christmas, and sold them for a dollar apiece.  I have lots more, and was thinking I should have done a small tree wih only crocheted items on it.  That's an idea for next year, or maybe an "after-Christmas" tree. 

I had to add the snowy overlay.  Don't you love all the different snowflake patterns?

I love burlap and white together.

Look at all the work put into these and just charge a dollar each for them.  Unbelievable!!



Such intricate work.

This angel is made from a tassel, beads and ribbon.  I just love it!!

Another beautiful flake.

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