Monday, December 17, 2012

Move This, Move That!!

For several weeks we have been in the process of moving around furniture in our bedrooms.  When hubby and I got married, he had a king-size bedroom suit and even though mine was a queen size, I didn't want to switch to the king because mine was so new.  Hubby let his son and daughter in law use his rather than move it here.  It is sooooo heavy!!  Fast forward 7 years, and we re-inherited the king-size furniture due to his son getting a divorce.  He will be working in various states, and the company he works for rents homes for their crew so he will be on the move, and needed to really pare down his possessions.  

So about 3 weeks ago, we began moving things around so we could take the king-size furniture.  I had odds and ends in the guest bedroom, so a rocker, night stand and a few small pieces were taken upstairs to the bonus room/playroom.  We then took that bed apart, and stored it in the basement, took the armoire to the lake for the t.v. there, etc.  We pulled, and we stretched, and we huffed and we puffed, and we may have even gotten a little bit ill with each other.....just sayin'!  Oh, and I may have fallen trying to get the armoire on hand trucks to load it on the pickup for its trip to the lake.
Here is the guest room before:

Here it is today with the queen-size furniture previously in the master:

Due to the size of the room, I was unable to arrange the furniture like I wanted it, but it's still nice to have a matching set in the guest room.

This is a photo of the queen set when it was in the master suite:

Here is the master as it looks now, with the King size bed:

I found this comforter on clearance at BB&B for $69.00!  It's called Medallion. The colors are ivory and champagne.  The walls in this room are classic taupe.

I will use the brown drapes until I decide if I want the drapes matching the comforter.  I think that might be too "matchy".  Gotta decide.

This is my little reading corner.  I used this table even though it's lighter in color.  It kinda breaks up the heaviness of the other pieces. (I'm still playing around with PicMonkey, thus the snow).  :)

I really like the look of the master.  I spent today touching up scratches with stain, filling in a couple of gouges with wood filler.  It's looking good now.  


The picture above is of the guest bath decorated for Christmas with whites and reds.

Sorry for the picture overload, but I really wanted you to see all the changes.  I am absolutely tired of moving furniture.  We had help with the king size because two old people, just can't lift everything.  Although we sure tried!  Believe me, there are muscles I had forgotten I had, and I hurt!!!

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