Friday, December 28, 2012

Roosters in the Kitchen

Recently we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  On the way out we noticed a rooster platter.  It was nice, but I didn't really think about buying it.  My husband commented on it.  I think he's beginning to adopt some of my habits.    A couple of days ago, he suggested we ride back to Cracker Barrel because he "couldn't get it off his mind".  Can you believe that?  So not being one to say "no", we headed out.  Once there, we found a matching clock, that had to come home with us too.

I must admit he's a handsome fellow, and he looks so good in the breakfast area.

The clock sits on a weather vane.  So cute!!

My rooster corner.  :)  They blend in so well with the pictures I bought at Kirkland's.

If you're a rooster lover, it's a good time to go to Cracker Barrel!  

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