Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Come Play in Our Tree House

I've never shared our bonus room, and I really don't know why, except to get to it you have to go into the garage and up a LOT of steps, up, up, up into the clouds!!  But it is a great little getaway.  The only drawback is there is no bath in it, so it is not conducive to a very long stay, but it works great when my grandson brings college friends home, and an extra bed is needed. 

When we built the house in 2000, he was 9, so I had the walls painted in a mural with hot air balloons, and it's still the same today. might get changed, and a powder room added.  It's full of little nooks and crannies, and is a great place for younger kids to play.   You will notice that the room is furnished with odds and ends that I had around the house.  

On with the tour:

A neighbor/friend (lady) painted our entire house for us and did a great job.  She even painted the dormers on top of the house.  Not afraid of heights at all.  She free-handed the painting in this room.  It's a fun room to be in because you can see for miles, and it feels like you are actually in the clouds.

The flooring is a vinyl rug, because I didn't want to worry about the kids scuffing up hardwood.  It is still like new, and gets mopped off a few times a year. So it's very low maintenance.

There are two skylights in the ceiling, so it's fun to look up and see the stars and moon at night.  At various times, I have had the bed directly under a skylight. 

It provides a nice quiet room for reading or taking a nap.

There's a chest for clothing.  Since there is no closet, this works out well.
I have a mirror I plan to take up and hang.

Notice the hills through the window.  The room has two dormers.

There's always the promise of a rainbow!

My daughter lives in the house you can see through the window. ( I get to see Rheagan often, Blake only when he's home from college).

Here's the view of my front porch looking down from a dormer.

This little nook is where I think I could have a powder room.   It's to the right as you come in the door, and out of the way.

Hot air balloons actually fly over our home a few times each year.  We live near Helen, and they have the Helen to Atlanta Balloon race which goes directly overhead.

These were prited off the computer and framed for artwork.  They've actually held up really well for all these years.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing our bonus/play/guest room.
This is a fun room for grownups and kids alike!

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