Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mother Daughter Day

Yesterday, my daughter and I had a whole day, just the two of us, so we went shopping.  She would really like to do some painting in her home, but is so busy with her new job, that she knows it's just too much to think about right now.  So during her time off for the Christmas holidays, she decided if she can't do a major update, she would at least re-arrange things for easier organization and at the same time give her home a facelift.   She took everything off her walls, moved some large pieces of furniture around, added some cubbies for Rheagan's arts and crafts things, and placed her sofa facing the fireplace and now her family room looks like a totally new room.  She moved a small armoire into the dining area to use for storage, and to give her a new place to decorate. The pictures were all moved to different spots, and those with lots of color were brought into the family room.   So of course, she needed to go buy some "new to her" items.  We had a wonderful day, and spent 6 hours in one consignment/antique store.  It is huge, and has some of the best things.  She found some lovely items for her home, and since her birthday is this month, I bought her a new picture, and a mosaic hurricane with the same colors for her to spruce up her dining area. One item she found was a beautiful old (early 1900's) steamer trunk that had been oil painted a goldish yellow color.  She needs the storage space, and just fell in love with the trunk.  It now sits in her family room to hold throws.  Rheagan is modeling the trunk below.  :)

This picture propped on the armoire below is the one I got for Pam's birthday.

I also bought her the mosaic hurricane below.

I couldn't spend that much time in this store and not find something for myself.  But I did really great on not spending much.  I bought this lovely little stool for $9.95.

We recently bought new mattresses and box springs for our king-size bed, and the bed is now soooooo high, I have a hard time climbing into it (short-legs). I need just a short boost to get in bed, so this little stool is just the right height, and by taking out 4 screws, I can cover it in any fabric I choose.  I will leave it as is for right now though.

Whoops, I need to pull the comforter down a smidgen on my side of the bed.
This photo shows how high the bed is.  I think I'll like using my little stool for that little needed boost.

The only other thing I bought for myself (in this store) is these pears.  They look so real and for $5.00, they came home with me.

On our way home, we made one more stop and I found this great pot of greenery for only $10.00.

I love this pot, and it is so heavy.  Love the blue design.  It had been priced at $24.00, then $20.00, then $10.00.  Whoo-hoo!

 I placed the greenery with the aqua birds on the chest in the family room.

I think it makes a sweet vignette.

Pam and I have decided we need a retail therapy day at least once a month, but probably more.  :)  

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