Revisit the Guest Room

When we recently received our king size bed back from my step son, it allowed me to place our queen size suite in the guest room.  The layout of the room does not allow me to have the furniture arranged exactly like I would prefer, but having matching pieces is rather nice.  I like to know that guests are comfortable.

This is the view coming in the doorway.

This quilt was purchased several years ago at Wal Mart for only 24 dollars.  I love the shabby chic look of it.

The dresser sits on the long wall in the room, but in an alcove which has a french door leading to the screened porch.

The TV is stored in a large armoire.  Note the Mickey Mouse radio. It belonged to my stepson when he was a small boy.  I placed it in here because of the aqua color, since that is the main color in this room.

The chair is a consignment shop find for ten dollars, several years ago.
I'm happy with the way the room turned out.  The closet has plenty of room, and the dresser drawers are mostly clear, so there is enough room for our guests to unpack and relax.

I'll be linking to Wow Us Wednesday.

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