Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Shreds

Here is an idea I had for using my apothecary jar.  I have had it stored for some time now, and wanted to work it back into my decor.  

I tore some pages from an old dictionary and a very old encyclopedia and ran them thru the shredder to get the filler for the apothecary, then added the pears I bought this weekend at the consignment shop.

I love how the paper has aged, especially the darker color. 

I only shredded a few pages, but got a huge amount of filler, so I used some of it in my little sewing drawer.

These two vintage silhouettes (reverse painted on convex glass)  were given to me when I was a very young girl, probably 6 or 7, by one of my great aunts.  Her name was Marzee, and we called her Aunt Mard.  These have been tucked away in my office.  They are so interesting to me with their lightly colored backdrops.  I like having them in this old vintage drawer along with the shredded paper from vintage books.

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