Monday, February 18, 2013

Bookcase Shuffle

My favorite spot to sit directly faces the fireplace and bookcases.  So, I'm sitting here BORED this morning, and decided I needed to change my view a little.  I removed everything from the bookshelf, dusted, and gave this bookcase a little makeover.  I love the sewing drawer I painted a while back, so I moved it to the bookcase so I can see it.  All I did to decorate it was add a doily and these sweet pink flowers.

I just adore this drawer.   

Here you can see two of the shelves.
 Not only can I enjoy the drawer, I can see three cloches each holding a bird.

I love this color of pink.  It provides a bright focal point.

I placed this little bird on an egg, in this pot that holds a nest with eggs.
Such an easy change, no cost, and more bright and cheerful.

What have you shuffled around recently?

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