Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing Colors

OK, I'm tired of red!  I've had red decor since the day after Thanksgiving.  So today, I changed the dining room table.  You would think I could wait one more day until "love" day is past, but nope, not me. Table needs a change.  :) These changes were made without spending any money.  

I started by adding this blue quilted runner to the table. I found it at a consignment shop.  Seems like I might have paid $8 to $10 for it.  It's reversible, and the other side has stripes.

I kept the silver chargers and added the blue and white china.  It is Bridal Bouquet by American Limoges and has a silver rim.

I like the elegance of the china with the casualness of the drop cloth table cloth and the quilted runner. (I haven't gotten the napkins ironed yet).

The vase I'm using here was purchased at Kirkland's some years ago.

 This domed dish is quite old, and a favorite of mine.

Are you ready to make some changes?

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