Sunday, February 3, 2013

Small Crate Update

OK, time to fight the doldrums!  Enough of this sitting around, doing nothing!!  We awoke to a light covering of snow this morning, but the sun has already cleared it away.  I made a quick trip to pick up some prescriptions, came back and sat down and looked at a few blogs.  Then I decided I would paint this little crate I've been using to corral my laundry supplies.  I bought this at a consignment shop several months ago, and painted the stencil on it later.  

 It makes it easier to move the supplies if I need to get into the cabinet.  Unfortunately, the supply bottles are too tall for the cabinet shelf openings, so I just leave them in this crate.

I gathered some supplies and carried them all to the basement where I do my painting.  I have an old table covered in brown craft paper, and it's perfect to use for painting projects.

All these supplies were in my stash, so no money was spent.

I mixed some white acrylic paint with a small amount of Plaster of Paris, and started dry brushing the crate to get decent coverage.  I didn't try to do a flawless job because I wanted it to look shabby.  You can see below that I let the green show through in certain areas.

The bottom part inside the crate was pretty rough so I glued some scrapbook paper to the inside.

I put on a coat of mod podge since I had to piece the paper to make it cover the bottom.

My next step was to measure the crate to find the center, and paint the fleur de lis design on the end.  I just held it in place, and painted.  It did smudge some, but that's ok since I was not going for perfection.

This label was printed from Graphics Fairy a long time ago, and was in my stash, so I added it to the front of the crate with mod podge.  I like the green showing through on the crate.

Here is the crate, updated, and holding the laundry supplies.

 So there's my little bit of creativity for the day!  Not a big deal, but at least it got me to move off the sofa.  :)

Hope you're feeling creative!  Show us what you've done recently.

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