Monday, February 25, 2013

Turquoise, Tulips, and Thankfulness

I love having touches of turquoise/aqua around the house.  

A vignette on a table in the family room

This cloche covers a taper holder in the shape of a tulip.  

I'll bet that the men who worked with these insulators never imagined that we would collect them, let alone, DECORATE with them.  This one is special because my late father-in-law who was an electrician for the city where they lived, actually brought this one home.  I seriously doubt he would believe that it is considered a treasure to us.  It made a great door stop for many years.
This table cloth just screams Spring with its tulips!!  

Then of course, these Atlas and Ball jars provide more pops of turquoise for this table vignette with the bird and rabbit hinting at Spring.

I am gradually tweaking certain areas of the house in preparation for the change of the Seasons, that time of rebirth that we all anxiously await.....

that time when we can stop and smell the roses,

and remember that we are so blessed, and so loved by our Heavenly Father!

Father, help us to be ever mindful of the blessings you have showered on us.  Help us to do your will, and be an inspiration to those around us. 


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