Monday, February 4, 2013

Tweaking the Master Bedroom

I've always had lots of pictures hanging on the walls.  At one time, I had so many little holes in the master bedroom walls I decided I would touch up with paint.  This should have been an easy job since I normally use the tinest tack to nail items.  I have been known to use straight pens where the object is light.   At any rate, no spackling was needed, I just wanted to hide some of the small holes.  I got out my leftover paint and got busy.  Guess I didn't realize that the walls had faded as much as they had because when I had given it time to dry, I had a royal mess!  The leftover paint, and the wall no longer matched!  Drats!! What to do?  We called a painter (whom we knew) for a price, and agreed to let him straighten out my mess.  This meant painting the entire bedroom, then the bath.  While we were at it we let him go ahead and paint the ceilings, and I had them paint my builtin bookcases beside the fireplace white.  So it was a fairly good size job.  And we probably could have gotten the entire house painted for the price we paid him!  Don't get me wrong, he did a fabulous job, putting on 3 coats, and sanding between each.  Fabulous work!  But since we had paid him so much, I vowed not to put holes back in these walls.  I've stuck to my vow.  The only hole in the master wall is for the picture hanging above the bed.  I have another picture on an easel. 

Believe me, spend that much money to cover up nail holes, and you won't be so handy with a hammer and nail either.  :)  I decided that this spot over the table below needed something more.  But no holes in the wall!

I may change the picture out, but I brought this one that isn't being used anywhere, and leaned it against the wall on the table.  It is one I bought at Kirkland's several years ago for a steal because the glass had been broken.  Without the glass, it's very light weight, so it's perfect to just lean on this table.

It gives a little more weight and substance to this side of the room, and the colors blend well with the taupe walls and brown curtains.  

I think this small change makes a big difference in this room.

Here's the view from the other side of the bed.
Nice tweak for free!

Have you made any small changes recently?  I'd love to see them.

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