Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Cloche Party

It's always fun to link to Marty's cloche party.  Here are the cloches currently on display at Shadymont.  Enjoy!

The bird inside this cloche carries a sign of "Joy".

The wire cloche is a favorite.  The nest on top holds blue eggs.

The cloche below is my largest one.  It always photographs like this, and editing doesn't help.  It holds a sweet little cherub.

This abandoned nest found last year still holds five little eggs.

This small cloche fits the nest perfectly.

 I've covered the nest with the cloche below for a sweet vignette.
 The swirl design of the cloche gives the impression of many eggs in the nest.

 The apothecary jar still holds shreds of old book pages, and pears.  

The cloche below features another sweet cherub, and is included in a Valentine's vignette.

That's a quick look at the cloches in my home.
Stop by Marty's and see all the ways they are used in the homes of others.

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