Friday, March 15, 2013

Cottage Look for Guest Room

Ever since we did the furniture shuffle a couple months ago when we put the king sized bed in the master, I haven't been happy with the furniture arrangement in the guest room.  I am happy to be able to have matching furniture for that room, but the dresser was covering one of the windows.
The room has some quirky angles which makes arrangement difficult, but I just couldn't stand the window being covered.

I wanted to place the head of the bed between the two windows on that wall.


Yesterday morning I went to Lowe's and purchased new curtain panels at $14.97 each, to replace the white panels I had up.

Here is a photo showing the new panels.
These panels capture the taupe of the walls and the turquoise of the bedding.


This shows the bed placed between the two windows.  

The bed now faces the doorway (left).  I think this is better.

After I finished rearranging everything and hanging the new panels, I decided to redo a vintage table I have and add it in the mix.

While at Lowe's I picked up some Valspar Paint Samples on clearance for $2.68 each.  I decided I would just paint the top of the table with this, Valspar Sea Mist.  I put one light coat on the top of the table, then while the paint was still wet, I used a sponge 'brush' to dry brush the tabletop.  Once this dried, I sanded it to give it some character.  Here is the finished product.

I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Here you can see how using the dry brush to remove excess paint made it look.

I shopped the house for items for the vignette.
The picture was a gift to me.  It shows a little boy in a farm wagon pulled by a horse/mule. 

The 'nest' is packing material from a gift box we received in the mail, and the bird is from a consignment shop a long time ago.  I made the plate pedestal, and the rabbit is a computer print off tied on the candle with string.

I am so pleased with the look it brings to the guest room.  To me, it seems more relaxed and welcoming.

Here you can see the french door leading to the screened porch.  This window was completely covered with the previous arrangement.
I think I should get a matching panel for the door.

I played around with the vignette on the dresser as well.

I added a bolster pillow from the bed to the chair.
This vintage lamp belonged to my MIL.

The bolster fabric repeats the lattice look of the chair upholstery.

What do you think, does the table make the room more welcoming?

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