Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Revisit the Guest Room

Last week I showed how I have updated the guest room by rearranging the furniture, adding a vintage table updated with a little paint, and changing the window treatments.  Here is a quick reminder of the changes I made.

There was one problem with my update!  I forgot to buy a matching window panel for the french door, and this white panel was just bugging me!


I have procrastinated all week on going back to Lowe's to get another window panel.  But this morning I went, (and a good thing) as they only had one left!!
One, I tell you!  They had several left when I bought the first three.  So glad I went.  

These panels only come in 84" length, so when I came home, I cut off the panel to a length of about 75".  Door panels are usually around 72" so 75" allowed for a hem for the bottom rod.  I simply hemmed across the edge folded it up a couple inches, and sewed across that.  This was about a 15 minute project with the sewing machine, and makes a world of difference in the look of the room.


Doesn't it look better?

I used the part I cut off to tie the panel  in the middle.  Nothing wasted, and it can easily be untied and removed.  

I also wanted to show you something I hung in the guest room since my first post.  This wall near the foot of the bed was totally empty.  I hung this frame to which I added chicken wire.  While in the attic changing the furnace filter the other day I saw this little angel from long ago up there, so I brought her down to hang on the frame.  I think this made a cute little wall hanging!

I have also added a small lamp to the vintage table.

I think I am through in here now (unless I find a rug that will work)!!  That is not a necessity, but a 'want".  It will have to be a "great" bargain!

Have you made any changes lately?

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