Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Inside the House

Our weather man hasn't looked at the calendar I guess! Doesn't he know it's Spring??   It's 46 degrees today and overcast!  I so want it to warm up some.  I guess if the weather outside won't cooperate, we can just go about tweaking the inside so it looks like Spring. I know it won't be long until we're complaining about it being so hot, so I'll enjoy whatever we have.  Here are a few spots of Spring at Shadymont.  I know you have seen some of these before, but maybe some of you haven't.  

This sits on the coffee table in the family room.  The tote came from Michael's a year or so ago.

I love this box with the rabbits on it.  I believe it is from Michael's also.  

I added this small book underneath the cloche with the bird and flower.  I think it adds interest, and it is the perfect color.

I found these sweet birds at the Dollar Tree.

I went through a bunch of my decor bins earlier this week, and came across this chalk pear and apple.  I had been wondering where they were.  I'm thinking I might paint them white.  They have a green tint now.

The apple is peeping from the sewing machine drawer.  I added a couple of items to the drawer to fill it more.

I added these two tiny pink roses to this cloche with the larger white rose.  I found the small ones at a thrift shop, and the large one is from a friend.

This is printed off the computer.  I think from the Graphics Fairy.  I had the silver frame already.  I placed it with the other aqua items in the family room.  I love the way it looks!

Here's the Easter/Spring mantel.

I love the pastels of Spring.  They are so soothing!

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