Monday, March 18, 2013

Using Landscaping Burlap Inside

I was looking for peat pots in the garden center at Lowe's recently and ran up on these rolls of landscaping burlap for $9.98.

I think it looks just as good as that bought in a fabric shop.

I'm thinking I might make some kind of window treatment for the sun room from it, but so far all I have used it for is as a runner of sorts on the dining room table.

I loved the table setting above, but decided to 'lighten' it up. I removed everything from the table.

One side of the burlap is fringed.  It looks like this when it is spread out completely.  This would be fine for fringe on a window treatment, I think. But I decided to change it some and just folded the edges under for now.  

I think this looks alright, although I might trim or hem the sides at some point.

This urn was a ten dollar consignment find as was the cake plate below.  

Pfaltzgraf tray

I like the look of white and pink with the burlap.

I'd love to hear your ideas for using the burlap.  I have 72 square feet!

I'll share at:

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