Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Busy Saturday & A Great New Find

On Friday, I met a couple of my friends for lunch.  We always have a blast when we get together, and had not done so since I retired a year ago.  Believe me, did we ever talk and laugh!  So much fun.  We went to a local restaurant and had baked potatoes and salads.  The salad bar at the restaurant has about fifty different items on it, and is always so fresh! After a few hours, we all went our separate ways with promises not to wait so long to get together again.

I had to go to the grocery store, so I had planned to stop at a couple of new antique/repurpose shops.  At one of the shops called Odds & Ends, I bought a cute little metal sign which I'll show you another day.  I had noticed a huge trug/tote/tool box sitting outside as I entered the store, then stopped and looked at it again on my way out.  It was marked $25.00. But I didn't want to spend that much.  Then I was sitting here last night wondering why on earth I didn't buy it!  Why do we do that???!!??  Anyway, I decided I would get up this morning and go buy it.  I was hoping she would come down a little on the price because I am so CHEAP!  I didn't want to pay over $20.00.  So this morning I rushed back to the shop and it was still there.  I carried it to the register and asked the owner if that was the best she could do on the price.  She said, "Would you go $20.00?"  I said, "Sold"!!  It never hurts to ask.  

I'm quite sure it will get a makeover very soon, but since we planned to work in the yard today, it will be a few days before it gets painted.  I wanted to show it to you anyway.  So here it is on my dining room table.

It has already been painted and distressed, but I'm not crazy about the color, and I want the inside painted too.  But let me tell you, this thing is huge and has 4 compartments!! It is 25" long, the compartments are 6" high, it is 8" wide, and stands 12" tall.  It reminds me of the ones I've seen done in white on some of the blogs.  

I just gathered up some items that would fit inside so I could show you.  I don't know what I'll end up with when I give it a makeover, but here are a few more pictures of it.

At present, it holds 3 blue mason jars, a candleholder/candle.  

Here you can see its imperfections.  Character!!

I set a country casual table to go with the tote.  These Gibson dishes were bought at a consignment shop a couple years ago, and I only have 4 plates.  I only have four of these pink napkins and chicken napkin rings too, so only four places are set.

On another note, I took the wreath from the front door and added a bunch of florals to it to give it a new look.  I'll call this my random wreath, no rhyme or reason to it, just using what I had on hand.

This is the same wreath that was up for Easter, but below is the Easter look.  I removed the easter eggs, and just started poking other items all over the wreath.

I trimmed the shrubbery today, and we added new red rock around it.  I should have taken pictures to show you.  The shrubs were so big.  (I'm afraid I'm not the best at trimming, so I won't show you, but sufficeth to say, they got a good hair cut)!  They do look better though and the new rock always neatens everything up.  

Gotta get something for the pots beside the bench, but it's still a little cool, so that will be a little later too.

I hope you've had a wonderful day!
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