Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bench Vignette

I have a collection of small benches that I like to use in my sunroom.  They are  prone to get painted and distressed at any time.  Such was the case recently with the smallest.  I decided I wanted to add a transfer to the top of it.  I also had some new ASCP in Louis Blue that I wanted to try.  

I dry brushed only the top with the ASCP which dries very quickly. I stenciled the larger bench with a home made stencil some time ago.  That bench has been about five or six different colors. 

I wanted the grays and whites to show through, so this is the way I left it.  I gathered my supplies together (below).  Crown graphic from the Graphics Fairy.

First I painted Mod Podge on the center of the bench, then on the transfer.  I then placed the graphic on the bench where I wanted it to be.  I must have gotten too much Mod Podge because the paper wouldn't pull off very well, and my attempts seemed to make it worse, but since this is a shabby bench, I decided to just go with it.  At least the graphic is visible, though not as much as I wanted.  (better luck next time)

I stacked the bench back on the larger one, and started playing around with the items for the vignette.

This is how it looks (for today).  I'm thinking I might go ahead and paint the entire stool blue.  

Here is the stool/bench I bought for $12.00 at the antique mall.  I think the three of them blend well together and I love having them in the sun room.  Love the shabby chic look of them.  Do you have any stools or benches that you use in your decor?

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