Monday, April 1, 2013

Boxing Up The Bunnies

Hope your Easter was fabulous!  Ours was great.  I made lunch for the family, so there were six of us.  Menu:  Baked ham, potato salad, corn, green beans, homemade biscuits, banana pudding, french coconut pie, and of course, sweet southern tea!!  

Since Easter is over for another year, it is time to box up the bunnies.  So while hubby is mowing the lawn, I've taken Easter out of the Spring decor.  

First, I moved my plants outside to the screened porch.  (I can bring them back in at night if we have the threat of frost).  That allowed me to play with my benches and stools in the sunroom.

This is the bench I bought a couple of weeks ago for $12.00.  I just love it and it already had this lovely color and is lightly distressed, so I had to bring it home with me.  I moved it beside my favorite spot to sit and read.  I like the stack of little empty boxes.

I moved these two stools to the corner and stacked them, then just started adding random items to them that I had stored in the jelly cupboard.

This is a piece of metal fencing from Lowe's last year, and I just love it sitting in this window in the sunroom where it fits perfectly and adds interest to the area.

The arrangement on the table remained the same, except I moved the bunnies off the tray.

I placed the little birdhouse underneath the cloche.  This display sits on top of the jelly cupboard in the sunroom.

The plants look good on the screened porch.  We enjoy them all summer.

We use our screened porch constantly in the summer months.  It is sunny in the mornings and shaded in the afternoons, which is just perfect in these southern summers.

I'll show some of the other changes later this week.  Have you boxed up your bunnies and Easter decor?  

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