Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorite Lamps

The theme for Favorites on the First at the Polohouse for this month is "Favorite Lamps".  What fun!  I'm a lamp lover from way back and have quite the collection!!  

This vintage lamp belonged to my MIL.  

The lamp below has a burgundy shade.  I made this cover so it would better match the vignette.

The lamp below was only six dollars!

I really like this French lampshade. The lamp was bought at consignment.

The lamp below was also a consignment find that I updated with pewter Rub 'n Buff, and gave a new shade.

I believe the lamp below was popular in the seventies and eighties.  It is one that my husband had when we married.

Love my white rooster lamp.  

I made the lampshade cover above from burlap and eyelet.  It covers a toile lampshade.  I can change it to fit my mood.  This is probably my favorite!!

This old pharmacy lamp also belonged to my husband.

I love the soft warmth that lamps add to our home.  

Be sure to drop in to the party at the Polohouse!  

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