Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Texturize!

Do you like the depth that texture gives to your decor?  The top shelf on my small book case has some great examples of using texture in small ways for a big impact.  

My granddaughter and I went 'exploring' the other day, and I found this old amber bottle against a tree near the road.  It's probably a beer bottle, but I liked the color, and the short neck, so I brought it home, and washed it off, and here it is.

Some of the dirt residue can be seen inside it, but I don't mind.  At first I tied a tag on it, but didn't like that, so I rummaged through some old jewelry, and found this filigreed heart from years ago, slipped it on some lace I found at a yard sale, and looped it over the bottle.  Love the texture of the lace and heart. 

Something old and dirty can become a treasure with a little imagination.

It sits beside this bottle.  I like its unique shape, and had already accessorized it with burlap ribbon and this cross bookmark that was my MILs.  The texture of the burlap plays well with the patina of the old bookmark.

Here they are together.  There are lots of other textures in the vignette, the applique on the bookcase, the tassel, the wood of the old door and the metal sign on the door. Then there's the doily that gives more texture.

Here more texture is brought into the arrangement.  The wicker of the tall box, and the metal swirls of the lamp base make it more interesting to the eye.

This photo shows the amber bottle with the tag hanging from it.  Here you can see a bit of the burlap wreath with eyelet flowerettes hanging on the old door that I painted and distressed.

Love the message below.  "Laugh Uncontrollaby"!

I love the message on the metal sign.
This is the sweet little sign I bought at Odds and Ends Shop near my home.  I'm loving that place.  

Look around your home and see if there are places you can add interest by using texture.  It's simple and inexpensive.  I already had everything shown, and am enjoying this vignette.

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