Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiffing the Jelly Cupboard

I was thumbing through the latest copy of This Old House magazine and saw the picture of a cabinet with the shelves decorated with yellow and green dishware, so I decided the jelly cupboard needed to be tweaked a little.  I used yellow and green, but left some red too since the back of the cupboard is red.  Here is how it looks now.

All the items in the cupboard were bought at thrift shops except the red candy dish and the floral pot.  They both came with the hubby, but I think they were thrifted as well.

I love the chicken wire in the doors.  That was not planned, but one of the glasses got broken, so I removed the other, and added chicken wire. 

Rooster plate (consignment)
Floral plate (thrift shop)
Green casserole (antique shop)
Green oval leaf dishes (consignment shop)
Yellow Bee Containers (charity thrift shop)

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