Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time After Time

Look what I found when I was riffling through a drawer today.  I had completely forgotten about them.

These belonged to my husband's family.  They are both broken, but to me that just adds to the character of them.  One of the hands on the top one is loose and over to the left side of the clock face.

Just think of all the ways I can use these to decorate!  I love the old case they are in too.

(top one) New England and (bottom) Elgin
The Elgin front and back are off, and the inner workings can be seen.
Back later to edit....
After doing some research on the New England watch (top), I learned that 
The New England Watch Company came into being after the Waterbury Watch Company experienced financial difficultly in 1898. The new company offered a great variety of low cost watches in all sizes and styles. In the fall of 1914, at the beginning of World War I the company was purchased by Robert H. Ingersoll and Brothers which later became The Timex Watch Company.  This tells me that this watch was made between 1898 and 1914.  My husband thinks this one may have belonged to his paternal grandfather.  Unfortunately, there is no one we can ask.  

This Baby Ben clock belonged to my MIL.

Do you like old clocks and watches?  I especially love the old watches. 

Besides, they make a great photo!!

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