Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vintage McCoy Bowl

I have no idea how old this bowl is because it belonged to my MIL.  It is marked McCoy on the bottom, and I know it's been around for a long time.  It is chipped, and I still use it, but for now I have it on the table in the breakfast nook.

I plopped a pot of greenery inside it and used it as part of this tray vignette.

I recently gave the tray a white wash.  Here it corrals the S/P, napkins, etc., on the breakfast table.

I just love this old bowl.  I also have several that belonged to my Mom.  I will get those together for a post soon.

This is a solid oak pedestal table.  I wish I could get up the nerve to paint it and the chairs.  Oh well.....

Do you like chippy old bowls?

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